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Market stall of the week: Icexpress

Feeling the heat this summer? Pretending you aren’t because you’re a “real Aussie” but secretly need a reprieve from our sweat-inducing summer days? Well you’ll find an icy indulgence on your next market visit that’s sure to leave you refreshed! Icexpress is a modest market stall with big dreams, bigger flavours, and the biggest range of thirst-quenching delights you’ll find at any market in Brisbane. Did we mention it’s the brainchild of a former MasterChef contestant? Sun Etheridge, entrepreneur, reality TV survivor and masterful mother of two is the brains behind the beautiful creations served up at Icexpress. The menu boasts a selection of radical refreshments in fantastic flavours to leave you cooler than a cucumber. Slushies and sno-cones are what it’s all about, with something for everyone regardless of flavour preference. And the best bit? No artificial anything, with all locally sourced ingredients that are 100% natural. With cordials from the artisans at Brisbane-based Alchemy Cordial Company, single origin coffee beans from Blackstar, and nothing else but maple syrup, agave and organic milk, Icexpress creates frozen delights to please adults and children alike. Even if it’s only for nostalgia’s sake, sampling a sno-cone should be on your summer to do list this season. Slurp your way through a lychee and green tea snow cone or knock back a lemon and chilli cordial crush. There’s cold press crushes for those who need a chilled caffeine hit and sweet dairy crushes in flavours like choc orange, butterscotch and caramel if coffee’s not your thing. So if you know what’s good for you (and your local providores) you’ll wander to the Boundary Street Markets one Friday or Saturday or Boggo Road Markets one Sunday, to hell no to humidity with a frozen crush from Icexpress. Words by Araminta Maclennan