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Market stall of the week: I Heart Brownies

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Sweet, gooey chocolate brownies, baked to that perfect point between moist and crumbly. Could there be anything better to sate your sweet tooth? We think not. And where to get one of these unequalled, ultimate of desserts (or breakfasts, we don’t judge)? I Heart Brownies, our market stall of the week. I Heart Brownies might be well on their way to world domination, with dozens of cafes around Brisbane stocking their treats and a store set to open in 2015 (hip hip hooray!), but we still love to find them at the markets. That way, we can pick up whatever genius deliciousness the incredible brownie baker behind the scenes has come up with each week. It could be anything from chunky Turkish delight to chocolate orange Jaffa, choc-mint, cherry ripe or of course, the original. If you’re really lucky, you might find warm cinnamon spice brownies served with a caramel apple sauce and vanilla cream to banish winter blues. They’re so good we’ve been raving about them to anyone who will listen but our personal favourite would have to be the raspberry white chocolate. Perfect ratios of raspberry and white chocolate to brownie (difficult to manage!) and absolutely scrumptious. But whatever flavour it is you wind up with, you will be picking the crumbs off your shirt to savour and prolong the rapturous delight, we promise. All the brownies being gluten-free, sweetens the deal even further and for those for whom cream and butter are evil, tummy ache inducing fiends, there’s also dairy-free options available. Did we just hear the sound of laptops being shut in haste to hunt out these tantalizing goodies? We’re right behind you. Find them at: Jan Powers Markets | City: Every Wednesday 6am-3pm | Powerhouse: Second and fourth Saturdays of the month 6am-12pm | Mitchelton: First Sunday of the month 6am-12pm Eagle Farm Markets | Eagle Farm: Every Sunday 7am-1230pm Words by Ranyhyn Akui