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Market stall of the week: Gutsy Ferments

Kimchi? Kraut? What’s it all about? We all know that our tummies are home to billions of bacteria and that the balance of these guys affects our mood, immune system, digestion and even our weight. But little did we know that our love of processed food and that course of antibiotics that we chewed through during the brutal winter flu could completely wipe all the good guys out. Now before you freak out and go and buy some mysterious probiotic capsules, take a deep breath and relax, because we’ve found a solution. And it’s delicious. Thanks to the cultured peeps at Gutsy Ferments, you can easily increase the number of good bacteria in your gut by eating their tasty fermented foods. Wei’er, the crafty chef and funky fermenter behind Gutsy Ferments, is passionate about creating easy and ridiculously tasty recipes with imaginative flavour combinations that don’t break the bank. Think cultured chocolate mousse (or cacao-cashewghurt), red pepperberry kraut and scrumptious cashew cheese. Yes please! Plus it’s all sustainably farmed, locally sourced and certified organic! So what sets their bubbling brews apart from the rest? Gutsy Ferments are the only sauerkraut makers in all of Queensland that use oak barrels for the fermentation process. Now, this is pretty important, because fermented veggies can get super acidic, and when this occurs in a plastic container, you don’t even want to know about the nasties that can leech from the container and go straight into your belly. Besides the barrels, Gutsy’s goods are just downright delicious for everyone, even kids. When Gutsy Ferments are bottling up juices and jars of treats that not only taste amazing but also make you feel good, it’s not hard to be pro-biotic! You can catch these groovy-guts peeps at the Davies Park Markets in West End on Saturdays. Words by Caroline Tully