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Market stall of the week: Goat Pie Guy

Good pies are hard to come by in this world. There are just so many variables that could go horribly wrong: the pastry on the bottom could go limp and soggy, the top might not quite reach crispy golden perfection or the stuffing could be a glutinous disaster. Goat Pie Guy’s (whose name is actually Mick, not Guy, confusingly) pies are none of these things. They attain the standard that all pies should strive for with a soft but stable crust, a crunchy golden crown and a filling so tasty you won’t even want to reach for the tomato sauce. Creative flavours that sound (and taste) like they belong on the menu of a gourmet bistro adorn the menu boards at this local market stall each week, with different recipes popping up each week until they sell out. And they sell out fast! The Deluxe Goat Pie with thyme, honey, sticky redcurrant and port jus, and a truffle spritz should be your first venture into the goat pie world. From there you can wrap your hands around the Grecian; tender, tender goat meat with rosemary, confit garlic, white wine and a hint of lemon zest. We can also vouch for the rustic Italian Tuscan, with roasted tomatoes, red wine and rosemary, or the Moroccan, full of slowed cooked meat in a spicy tagine with sweet potato and dates. Then there’s the Himalayan, the Indonesian, the Jamaican…and the scrumptious list goes on! See what we mean about belonging on a gourmet bistro menu? They might be inspired by international flavours, but they all use the finest quality Australian Boer goat meat available. Which is pretty impressive considering we didn’t even know our fine country produced goat meat. You go Guy/Mick. You can buy them hot or cold, so you can eat them as you wander the markets (don’t wear a white shirt, we speak from experience) or take them home to bake up and impress dinner guests every night of the week. Though whether you’ll get the crust to that perfect shade of golden is another question entirely. Goat Pie Guy gets around to the Jan Power’s Markets, the Eagle Farm Markets, the Love Your Local Markets Hawthorne and a few more, so best to check his monthly calendar for where to find him each week. Words by Ranyhyn Akui