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Market stall of the week: Chai Cafe

The Northey Street City Farm combines the world’s three most valued blessings: community, nature and food. And as they say, when you’re nom-ing in nature, tulips are better than one. So naturally, we found ourselves lost in the abyss of food stalls and puppy dogs on the north side. After wandering – and drooling – through numerous fresh produce stalls, we decided to take a break. Just in time, the sweet aroma of freshly brewed chai hit our senses. It called, we followed, all the way to the Chai Café. This quaint stall is run by employees and volunteers alike, bringing the tastiest, most warming stove-top chai to the masses. And they do not disappoint. Their brew is like nothing you’ve ever tasted, and it is beyond noticeable that the spicy concoction is brought to life using the utmost of fresh, organic produce. Sip on this mug of liquid divinity – you won’t be sorry. Although you’ll be taken by the brew in front of you, don’t forget to chai out the food menu. Nobody likes to be left out – and the joke’s on you if you miss these delish breakfasts. Indulge your gourmand-side by sinking your teeth into a pile of hot buckwheat pancakes, or awaken your inner hippie with a wicked scrambled tofu plate. Trust us, this dish is full of flavour and not as frightening as your instincts may say. If you want to meet halfway, your perfect choice would have to be the ultimate avo smash – rich in flavour and served on fresh Turkish bread. The food, the brew, the atmosphere – Northey Street is absolutely perfect for a Sunday morning market sesh. So go ahead, sweet chai-ld o’mine. Involve yourself in one of Brisbane’s favourite communities. You deserve it. Words by Julia Hulbert