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Market stall of the week: Caudan Street Kitchen

If you’ve been seeking to savour some exotic island nosh lately, make your next dinner stop the Boundary Street Markets. Keep your eyes peeled for a striped flag in red, blue, yellow and green and high five the friendly Damien and Rhiannon you’ll find underneath it. Caudan Street Kitchen is a fairly new entrant to the Brisbane foodie scene, plating up scrumptious Mauritian-inspired street fare. And we do mean plating up in the MasterChef sense – as a former chef at a commercial centre in the said exotic island, Damien sure knows how to make his food do the talking. On their menu, you’ll find a mix of reef and beef with a few gateaux piments (lentil cakes, one of their most popular dishes) thrown in to drown out mum’s echo in your head to eat your veggies. Have a big rumbly in your tummy? Place an order for the sweet beef short ribs complemented by pickled cabbage and spiced mayo. Seafood lovers can try the tomato-based prawn rougaille and let the melange of sweet, sour and fresh soak through a buttery herbed rice pilaf. And if you’re one of those peeps who thinks spicy is never spicy enough, prepare your tastebuds for the Brummie veg balti. Don’t be fooled by its tame colour – just one nibble of the potato curry and bam! You’ll soon be queuing for a side of the accompanying soothing chapatti or gulping down some highly refreshing lychee cooler. And if your second stomach is still empty after all that, give it some love with their fill-your-own cinnamon donuts. Dessert becomes entertainment when you can inject chocolate or jam into it via syringe! Check out their Facebook page or site for a heads up on what’s cooking or just wing it and see us there next weekend. Once you start, you Caudan Stop eating it if you tried! Words by Margaret Velez