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Market stall of the week: Casa Motta

Say cheese! Let’s face it, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that cheese is one of our favourite things to stuff in our gobs. From creamy camembert to crumbly feta, cheese is our snacky saviour and binge-eating bestie. If you’re out of stock and about to have a meltdown, check out Casa Motta. This Brissie market stall specialises in high-quality, homemade mozzarella. The owner has dedicated over 10 years to the art of crafting, fermenting and stretching mozzarella the traditional Italian way. All of his cheese is made fresh the night before sale, ensuring consumers receive top-quality cheese that is prime for immediate binging. The Casa Motta market stall sells both burrata and buffalo mozzarella to the general public, and we highly recommend stocking up on both (personally, we can’t bear the choice). Casa Motta’s burrata is a pouch of mozzarella filled with pure Queensland cream, and their famous buffalo mozzarella is a stringy delicacy made with local buffalo milk. This cheesy stall’s popularity means it’s constantly expected to sell out before the end of the day (so get in quick!). You can find Casa Motta at the CBD Jan Power’s Farmers Markets on Wednesdays and New Farm on Saturdays. Now, pass the cheese, please. Words by Samantha Chariton