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Market stall of the week: Bugsy Bros

‘What’s hopping these days?’ we hear you ask. Well Jiminy Cricket, do we have big news for you. If you haven’t heard, creepies and crawlies are the next big thing in the sustainable food world, and Bugsy Bros are one local supplier putting insects on plates in Brisbane. Their cricket powder is made of nothing but roasted and ground crickets bred specifically for eating – but before you get all squeamish, get a load of how good this stuff is for you. Packed full of protein, amino acids, calcium, iron, Vitamin B and chitin, a weight loss superfood, this powder holds the key to all your #fitspo needs. Like other health supplements, cricket powder can be blended or added to any meal, and even used as a gluten-free alternative for almond or coconut flour. By sprinkling a spoon full in your smoothie or adding it to your bran muffins, you’re also supporting a sustainable and energy efficient food source. You’re practically losing weight for the environment – you go Captain Planet. Convinced this is your newfound superfood? You can order some online and have it delivered to your door. If you’re not entirely sold and want to try before you buy, just find Bugsy Bros at the Davies Park Markets every Saturday in West End or the Jan Powers Farmers Markets at the Powerhouse on Sundays. Words by Rebecca Grady