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Market stall of the week: Buchi Kombucha

While death by doughnut will always be first choice, and sauces sing in our ears a tune of syrupy seduction, there comes a brief but vital part of the day for clean eats and natural treats.  Market stall glory of a different kind, this week we can’t go past Buchi Kombucha. Put simply, this exotic sounding drop is a cold-pressed tea. Fermented with cultured bacteria and yeast, Buchi Kombucha is full of probiotics, antioxidants, and digestive enzymes. While this description may have conjured the image of a green brew made of microscopic crawlies, Buchi Kombucha really isn’t some wild concoction that can only be stomached by hippies or people with a strong gut. The tea really does taste great! The spicy rosella, warming winter pear, feijoa, and strawberry tea will have you fresh-minded and revitalized. Otherwise, the lime, galangal root, grapefruit juice, hibiscus flower, and rose hip tea is packed with Vitamin C and bonus, helps with digestion. All the ingredients in Buchi Kombucha are sourced from certified organic farmers and are completely raw, so none of the nutrients are lost in the making process. It’s also all sourced from South East Queensland, so you’re helping to support local famers (gotta love it!). The teas also claim a range of positive effects like reducing fatigue, inflammation and nausea, as well as boosting immunity, and alkalizing the body. Perfect for a start of week that is filled with fresh produce and fresh lies about a carb-free existence, find this naturally brewed bad boy at the Davies Park Market in West End and stock up for a weekly supply of cultured kick ass this Winter. Words by Samantha McKendry