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Market stall of the week: Bake

West End’s Boundary Street Markets have become our new obsession, and we just can’t get enough of their foodie wares. Every week there’s a new stall catching our eye and this week it was Bake, a 100% plant based and 200% delicious bakery specialising in hand made yeast doughnuts. While we might be a bit tired of weird and wonderful doughnut creations, these fluffy, filled rounds make us think we might just knead to welcome them back into our life. These aren’t just any old doughnuts, these glazed numbers have been perfected with only vegan and plant based ingredients, using organic and locally sourced goodies wherever possible. Meaning they get double the applause for managing to make us drool and being vegan at the same time. If you manage to catch them before they sell out, your order will probably go a little something this: “I’ll have 2 apple crumbles, a cherry pie, 3 Bountys and throw a chocolate honeycomb on top”.  You may even go home looking like you have a bun in the oven. Flavours change every week depending on what the chefs have been playing with, but you’ll always find something irresistible on the menu. For us, it was strawberry white chocolate with a creamy glaze. And blueberry cheesecake. And maple pecan. Ok, we got them all, alright? After only up and running for a year, Bake are certainly on a roll and we doughnut think they’ll be stopping any time soon.  Follow Bake on Facebook to see what drool-worthy flavours they come up with next week. Words by Moira Kennedy