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Market feed of the week: Boss Bites

Is there anything more delicious than a dessert that combines two treats into one? Especially when it involves the two best desserts in existence, cookies and ice cream, to create a sweet sandwich of epic proportions! If you’ve got any leanings towards OCD, Boss Bites’ perfectly round ice cream sandwiches will take you to a happy place, and not let you leave until you’ve found sugary nirvana. This adorably black and white trailer can usually be found roaming around the Gold Coast, but they make the occasional trip to Brisbane – and boy are we glad they do! Their current range includes six decadent and delicious flavours including Cookie Monster, Not So Basic Vanilla, Chocolate Freckle and Peanut Butter Cup, and even a Coconut Roughy gluten free option. For serious dessert lovers, however, you’ll definitely want to go with Chocolate Overload, with rich chocolate ice cream sandwiched between dark cocoa biscuits! The perfectly shaped sandwiches definitely don’t stay neat and tidy for long, and you’ll be glad of the serving cup when Nutella and ice cream starts dripping out of your S’mores sandwich, but these bad boys are so worth getting ice cream on your shirt for. If you’re screaming for a Boss Bites ice cream sandwich, then keep an eye on their Facebook page to see where they’ll be popping up next. Words by Ranyhyn Akui