March produce picks from Milton Fruit Bowl | The Gourmand & Gourmet

March produce picks from Milton Fruit Bowl

March is upon us, but don’t quit on those summer fruits yet! The experts at Milton Fruit Bowl have shared their favourite fruits for the first month of Autumn. Placate the lingering heat with these fresh picks, or make some memorable additions to your summer-farewell BBQ. So grab the green bags and check out the freshest produce picks from Charlie and Chris at Milton Fruit Bowl. march produce grapes Charlie’s pick: Grapes What to look for: Not the wine variety – we’re talking fresh not fermented. If you’re going for green, a yellow-green colour will give you the sweetest flavor. Snag red grapes when they’re nice and vibrant – not too dark. Make sure you check the firmness of your grapes: mushy grapes or brittle stems are a no-go. Best used: Fresh grapes can be frozen for an after school snack that will beat the heat. They’re also a fun way to spice up a cheese platter – fresh or dried. melon banner 2 Chris’s pick: Melons What to look for: March is perfect for rockmelons and watermelons. Choose a rockmelon with a tan or yellow colour. Pinch the stem – if it has a slight give, it’s golden. With watermelons, the tried-and-true thump is a good trick. Make sure your melon gives off a nice hollow sound. Dull-sounding melons are overripe. Best used: Rockmelon makes a great addition to a summer salad and will brighten up your bowl. Fresh watermelon blends perfectly into a nutritious morning juices, especially on the coattails of those warm summer days. You can’t be melon-choly that summer’s over with these fruity flavours to cheer you up!