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Malti-Functioning Takeaway, What’s Next?

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Next time someone tells you that they want to go to a nice, classy restaurant because takeaways are cheap and nasty, point at them and laugh in their face. Hard. Because Nick Pinn, previous owner of Glass Bar in Fortitude Valley and now the man behind Malt Dining in the CBD, is busy to work on his next venture: a high-end takeaway and boutique bottle shop in Market Street close to Malt. Forget tiny, precocious pieces of food scattered around your outrageously large white plate, the high-end takeaway provides restaurant quality dishes with a wine suggestion to accompany your meal. How kind! I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of working late and having to buy greasy McDonalds or Hungry Jacks, or cooking food at 11pm… I’m far too lazy for that. I would MUCH rather grab quality takeaway food that doesn’t leak with oil or require a huge bank account. To me, this Malt branded food sounds perfect! If this still doesn’t sound appetising enough, Nick is even researching meals that can be sealed and are stable enough to microwave without destroying the restaurant quality of the food. The chefs really understand the busy lives of Brisbanites and if microwavable five star cuisine isn’t your fancy, then you must be crazy! You’ll only have to wait a few more months for this takeaway tirade to hit Brisbane; prepare your body.