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Make friends with salad at Crave NYC

Say goodbye to soggy salads and leave the limp lettuce behind at the city’s newest New York themed build your own salad bar! We’re spreading the news about Crave NYC on Adelaide Street, which caters for the coffee lovers, the calorie conscious and the fussy foodies, as well as those after a great lunch on the go (or who prefer their greens piled high with bacon). With ready-to-go meals as well as a completely customisable salad bar (with calorie count included), this is one venue that may finally convince you to stop stealing your colleague’s brown paper bag from the tearoom. For breakfast on the run, it’s hard to look past their convenient fruit, yogurt or chia pots, or grab one of their soups and hot wraps if you’re after something to warm up from those pesky westerly winds. If you’re sneaking out for a bite between meetings, prepare to cause some serious food envy with one of their epic takeaway bowls, bigger than your mousemat and brimming with vibrant fresh ingredients that’ll make you think twice about tinned tuna in Tupperware ever again. crave nyc 2Now we know what you’re thinking – you don’t make friends with salad. Well these guys are here to prove you oh-so-deliciously wrong. For $7.90, you can build your own huge sandwich or salad, in just a few easy steps. Start with your choice of bread or lettuce. No boring old white loaf here when you can choose from the likes of rye or a French baguette! Likewise with lettuce, with an abundance of crisp romaine, spinach, kale, rocket and mesculin to order. Then, choose your meat. Salmon, crawfish, prawns, chicken, bacon, pastrami, ham, prosciutto or even a New York style egg salad will give you a protein hit big enough to curb the 3pm biscuit binge. Finally, add your choice of toppings. With so many different varieties of herbs, antipasti, quinoa, salsa, cheese or half an avocado if you so desire, you can design your lunch to be as decadent or kilojoule friendly as you like! Watch them slice and dice all this in front of you, with your choice of dressings like honey mustard, ranch, chilli or even some good old olive oil, add in some crunch in the form of nuts, seeds or croutons, and congratulate yourself on your excellent taste in salad selection! Gone are the days of premixed salads drowning in dressing – get creative and pay a visit to New York New York instead. Crave NYC can be found at 270 Adelaide street and is open weekdays from 6:30am to 4pm. Words by Kat Gridley