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Make-at-home cocktail kits to whet your mixology skills

Let’s face it: now is a better time than ever to dive into mixology!

Whether you’re dabbling for the first time, need to up your basics game, or simply need a new hobby (same…) mixology is a great way to pass the time, and enjoy some tasty treats along the way.

From simple solutions to more complicated concoctions, we’ve rounded up our picks of the make-at-home cocktail kits to get you shaking!

Pure Scot x Brissie icons

Bring a little bit of The Gresham, Death and Taxes, and Cobbler home with these tidy Scotch whisky kits by Pure Scot, with a portion of profits from each kit going back to the affiliated venue. Looking to try something from further afield? You can even get a kit from one of Australia’s top cocktail bars, Eau de Vie’s Melbourne location. Head to the Pure Scot website to order your kit.

Once Upon a Bottle 

Our collab with some killer Brissie bottle-os now offers cocktail kits! Master your faves like the Tom Collins, espresso martini, and classic highball, or sip back and relax with a fresh Quaran-tini. Check out the range (which also includes wine and beer packs!) and orders yours here.

Tetto Rooftop Bar

It might be cheating a little, but the fresh and delicious mocktails from Tetto (passionfruit or strawberry) are BEGGING to have a li’l nip of something thrown in. We’re feeling tequila today… You can order online via Bopple here.


Bar of Social Conscience is coming through with their very thoughtful pick ‘n’ mix single-serve gins! Whether you take them home to make a perfect basic (you can grab tonic and soda water in-house, too) or shake up a Southside, these single portions are the perfect way to treat your palate to something new. Check out their hours on Facebook for a good time to drop by.

Covent Garden

Feeling gin-quisitive? West End’s iconic gin bar has a huge range of gift boxes (treat yo’ self) to experiment with, like the Malfy Gin Rosa box with a bottle of the good stuff, Long Rays tonic water, and juniper berries, chamomile buds, and dehydrated grapefruit to accompany. Three garnishes!? Now that’s luxury.

Winston Quinn

This Aussie distillery’s survival packs are sure to keep you going, with your choice from their gin range, locally-made Long Rays tonic water, and a dehydrated citrus garnish (as well as a bougie goblet) to make your perfect G and T. Order yours here.


What’s on your at-home cocktail menu?