Maeve’s top 5 tips for a memorable first date in Brisbane

Maeve’s top 5 tips for a memorable first date in Brisbane

Date night is sorted.

Going on a date for the first time in forever and have no idea what you’re doing? We’ve got you covered.

Tucked into the top end of Fish Lane in their heritage listed building, Maeve Wine is an intimate, fun bar with great food and wine guaranteed to impress your date. 

Eleanor Cappa, Director of Maeve Wine, sat down with the Maeve crew to give us their hot tips on nailing a first date – and while they can’t guarantee all first dates won’t be a train wreck, the odds are significantly higher if you take their advice. 

Good luck, lovers! 

Sit at the bar

It’s much more casual and if the date doesn’t go so well, it’s easier to make your getaway excuse in a casual setting. If the date is going well, you can always ask to move to a table (when available) and settle in for the night.

Don’t play the expert

Rather than try to play the expert, chat to the bartender or waiter about what you usually like to drink and ask for recommendations – that’s what they’re there for! 

Bartenders often navigate awkward exchanges where people who are trying to impress their dates, end up ordering something they don’t like rather than confidently asking for recommendations from the experts.

Go by the glass 

Rather than order a bottle, stick to the glass so you can count your drinks. It’s easy to drink the nerves away or get overly excited, but pacing is important for a good first impression.

Ask away 

Ask the bartender or waiter to order their personal favourite dishes or small plates. They know the things that work or don’t work on dates plus it saves the indecisiveness that comes when no one wants to take charge in a first date situation and seem overly bossy – there’s no winning! 

Time to get the cheque

Split the bill evenly: it’s 2022 and if someone expects you to pay for them, there’s a good chance they may not be the ‘one’. 

The team is currently planning a wedding for a couple who had their first date at Maeve, so it’s safe to say they know what they’re talking about.

Watch out Maeve, there could be an influx of hot first dates coming your way.

Words by Lucy Ferguson
- The gourmet ready to nail her next date night