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Lover’s breakfast at Atticus Finch | Valentine’s Day

Whoever decided romance should only be celebrated one day a year was daft. One day to get in all the eye-gazing, hand-holding and candlelit meals your relationship can handle? Nonsense. That’s why Atticus Finch Café is celebrating the love fest all week. Stop by the Paddington café for breakfast or brunch for the week leading up to Valentine’s Day (and even the day after!) and you can look longingly into each other’s eyes over eggs every single day. As it should be. They’re even putting on a special breakfast dish to share, because dinner dates have been hogging the spotlight for way too long. Start each day with a delicious tryst and share flavoursome baked eggs and a steamy cuppa with your squeeze. Too hot for a latte? Have one of the café’s vivacious coffee sodas instead. The flirtation doesn’t have to end there, pick up a love muffin (a cupcake, people) to take home or pop in your lunchboxes so you can relive the whole encounter later and satisfy your sweet tooth all in one. No need to book a table, just grab your dearest and head to Atticus Finch Café on Latrobe Terrace. They’re open from 6.30am for the early love birds out there. Words by Ranyhyn Akui