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Love Your Local - The Birds and Beans Expresso Bar

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In the seemingly quiet town of Buderim in Sunshine Coast, home to charming coffee shops, family-owned fruit sheds and a lot of old people, there is a town jewel that has the locals buzzing with intrigue. I can still remember my first visit to The Birds and Beans Expresso Bar when it opened last year and thinking how clever it was to turn a run-down car repair workshop into an adorable and seriously tasty café. That’s right; it used to be a garage! With its cute couches and milk cartons to sit on, dark wooden interior and fuel pump out the front, it feels as if you’ve been transported to the past. As you walk in, you’re instantly overwhelmed by the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans. Birds and Beans breed coffee flavours unlike any you’ve heard of before! Each week, new “single origin coffee beans” from different parts of the world are roasted and brewed to perfection. There’s the Kenya Mtaro AA with its lemon, apricot, peach and blackcurrant zest, the Sumatran Sidalogan with its burst of honey and the El Salvador with a dash of red and orange bourbon. The best part about this quaint, gourmet garage is that the desserts are just as hot as the drinks! Hot cross buns are made right in the vicinity and delivered to you straight from the oven and their organic brownies and muffins are both rich and a little bit healthier than normal. It may be small but it delivers huge tastes and flavours unlike any other and I’d have to say, it’s a definite favourite of mine. Hannah Twiggs