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Love your local - '00 acre bar

There’s just something about having about having a “local”. Somewhere familiar and easily accessible where they need not bother handing you a menu. Personally, my local is one that doesn’t involve the need to dress up, and I can always rest assure the coffee will be without fault and the food will tickle me the right way. The story of how this particular venue became our local, really came about by convenience. St. Lucia Golf Club, housing the ’00 acre bar, is conveniently situated between mine and my friend’s house. It always became our fall back if our adventurous traits led us on a failed expedition. From then on it became our ‘go-to’. For breakfast, a coffee on the go, wines in the afternoon or dinner after work, the ’00 acre bar became our second home. Adding to this venue’s décor is the impeccable view of the golf course that sparkles any time of day, while the ever changing mix of exotic staff adds to the excitement. If you’re looking for a relaxed setting with great food, I would highly recommend you check out this place. You’ll find the ’00 acre bar situated at the St.Lucia Golf Club at Carawa Street, St Lucia. Taylor Fielding