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Love Wins - Party Time!

The votes are in and we at the G&G are thrilled that the majority of Australia has said yasssss to same sex marriage and equality!

Never one to shy away from a party, we want to keep the celebrations going – and drink to your engagement! Like the overexcited drunk Aunties we are, we’ve put together a list of our favourite party spaces. Just save us a seat.

Betty’s Espresso | West End

From the pastel pink walls to the leopard print benches, Betty’s is as flamboyant as the reruns of RuPaul they show on Sundays. Celebrate your love over brown sugar old fashioned’s and boutique wines from the comfort of velour arm chairs as Brad Pitt and Tom Selleck look down on you lovingly. Break out the Ritz and dip darl, we’ve got a lot to celebrate!

The Bromley Room | West End

Brisbane’s most ornate celebration space is also its most exclusive – there are just months left before the Bromley Room closes its doors so you’re going to have to hustle! The venue can cater to over 250 guests for cocktail and stand up events, as well as over 150 guests for a sit down dining experience – with food crafted by Queensland’s best chefs, it’s sure to impress even the fussiest of family.

The Dispense Station | Mobile Cocktail Bar

Sometimes you’ve got to let the party come to you! The booze truck has left the station and you’re guaranteed to have a wheel-y good time when The Dispense Station is around. With cocktails and craft beers on tap for large functions or hand-crafted cocktails for smaller (but just as fabulous) soirees – whether you’re tucking into a BBQ in Mum’s backyard (thanks for cleaning up mum!) or planning a more sophisticated saloon – The Dispense Station is your one-stop bar on wheels.

Byblos | Hamilton

You deserve to celebrate your love surrounded by luxury, so where better than one of Brisbane’s most decadent venues? Your love is as big as the Queen Mary, so kick it Portside and step back in time to ancient Byblos, an oasis away from the city. Spend an afternoon or evening (or both, how often do you get engaged!? Don’t answer that…) with loved ones grazing on Middle Eastern share boards and sipping on signature cocktails.

Miss Bliss | West End

The rings only just gone on your finger but you’re probably already stressing about fitting into your wedding outfit. You know we think you’re beautiful exactly how you are, but if pre-wedding nerves have you stress eating you might want to do it at Miss Bliss. The food is as delicious as it is wholesome, and the gorgeous garden space is to die for.

Customs House | CBD

You’re about to enter into one of the most ancient customs of all time (no pressure), so it’s time to celebrate your impeding nuptials in style. The heritage listed Customs House is the perfect backdrop for your day, with enough history to keep the relo’s chatting whilst you and your loved ones get stuck into gourmet canapes, premium wines and a view of that great brown snake, stretching as far as your love.

Up on Constance | Fortitude Valley 

We bet you’re already feeling pretty high on life right now! You’ve got that special lovers glow, so get ready to shout it from the rooftops at Up on Constance. Throw any doubts and reservations off the edge and settle into drinking in the views of the city, and the spectacular cocktails, whilst you gaze longingly into charcuterie boards…and each other’s eyes.

Unfurl your rainbow flags, bust out the glitter and get the florist on the phone – we’re getting hitched! 

Words by Emma Callaghan
-  the gourmand who is dreaming about all the rainbow wedding cake she's about to eat.