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Foodies abroad: London's top rooftop bars

It’s finally happening - you’ve booked your AirBnBs, cried a little bit over the price of flights to Europe, mentally prepared yourself for a 28-hour flight and posted the obligatory shot of your passport and boarding pass, hashtagged #ByeAustralia.

You’re on your way to Europe for three to four weeks (six if you’ve thought ahead and saved up enough annual leave), ready to leave Brisbane winter behind for… well, London’s Brisbane-winter-like summer!

When you touch down, leave the tiny crowded pubs on every corner to the suits, and instead head for these achingly cool rooftop bars across the city.

The Queen of Hoxton | East

Tacos, margaritas and lucha libre? No, you haven’t boarded the wrong plane and wound up in Mexico, that’s just this year’s rendition of The Queen of Hoxton’s annual summer rooftop bar! Of course, you could be reading this in 2020, or even 2021 – in which case, the theme is anyone’s guess. What you can count on is quirky decor, creative cocktails, and some kind of wacky activity for the ‘gram.

Pergola | East

No need to cancel your day-drinking plans (what else do you do on holidays?) if it’s a rainy day – Pergola’s rooftop is fully weatherproof! You can ensconce yourself in one of the greenery-adorned booths and order up eats from one of the three restaurants while you take in the views. We suggest ordering a little bit from each: crab on fries from Claw, fried chicken from Jefferies, and bao buns from Mamalan sounds like a well-rounded meal to us!

Netil360 | East

You will have to climb nine flights of the stairs to get to the rooftop of Netil360, but the view from the top is worth it. Since you got all the way up there, you really have no choice but to settle in for sunset and stay until closing. FYI: summer in London means sunset is at about 11 p.m., which means day drinking lasts aaaall night long.

Skylight | East

The Gherkin. The Shard. The Walkie Talkie. The one that looks like a cheese grater (you’ll know it when you see it). These are all iconic London skyscrapers you’ll see from the rooftop of the Skylight while you’re sipping cocktails and playing croquet on the astroturf. Basically, if you leave without at least one shot of a drink in front of that skyline, you’ve done it wrong.

Sushisamba | East

Without a doubt the coolest restaurant and rooftop bar in the city (and so popular you might want to book a table before you even leave Australia), Sushisamba’s sky-high terraces are the place to enjoy a sake or two before heading inside to wine and dine on Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian-inspired cuisine 36 floors up.

Who said London was all rain and no drinks in the sunshine?

Words by Ranyhyn Laine
- A gourmand who’s tripped on the stairs heading up to London’s rooftop bars more times than she’d care to admit.