Silver Fox Wine Bar | Gourmand and Gourmet

Silver Fox Wine Bar

  • Brisbane
  • City
  • Coffee
  • Wine
2 Edward Street, Brisbane CBD
3151 7522

A stone’s throw from the beautiful Brisbane City Botanic Gardens, Silver Fox Wine Bar boasts an extraordinary selection of hand picked international and local wines, cocktails, and single malts. Paired with a cheese platter, charcuterie board or both (yeah, probably both) you’ll be hard pressed to find a more cozy drinking spot in Brisbane. Silver Fox has the perfect balance of elegance and chic for any occasion, from date night to business meeting.

If it’s too early for a beer (it’s never too early), don’t worry they serve our second favourite brew, coffee! So next time you’re strolling down Edward Street, pop your head in for a coffee or a shiraz; you wont regret it!

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