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Seoul Bistro

  • Brisbane
  • South
  • Dinner
  • Lunch
152 Turton Street, Sunnybank
(07) 3345 6360

If you thought those visits to the Plaza and Market Square revealed all Sunnybank had to offer, you’d be so very, devastatingly incorrect. Don’t miss a trip to Seoul Bistro, tucked around a corner of Station Road you might not have known existed (you’re welcome!). The truth in the visit will become apparent about 5 minutes in – that is, 5 minutes after you order the wings buffet. Drop your buckets, fried chicken enthusiasts: Seoul is home to some of the best fried chicken in town.

The word ‘buffet’ here isn’t entirely accurate. Rather than wandering up to a hotbox of slightly aged potato skins, you’ll receive the full range of what Seoul Bistro has to offer, hot off the press. After listing off the types of chicken wings – of which there are 7 varieties – and sides you’ll be feasting on, the waitstaff will dash to the kitchens and return with armfuls of piping hot food in record time. This can be done as many times as your stomach can handle in the 90 minute buffet session – though we’ll be honest: with unlimited serves of their lemon iced tea and housemade chips, we didn’t last long.

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