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Rosalie Gourmet Deli

  • Brisbane
  • City
  • Providers / Markets
164 Baroona Road, Paddington
(07) 3876 6222

The jingling bell on the front door is so iconic that it has started to elicit a Pavlovian-style salivation response upon entry, a reaction only encouraged by the array of quality produce that glistens from within heavily laden cabinets, and the dizzying aroma of freshly baked breads and pungent cheeses that assault the senses.

From imported Serrano, Dauphinoise and gelato, to locally sourced flowers, hand made quiches and pizza bases, you’ll find everything you need for your next dinner party here, along with a few sweet treats you didn’t know you needed. Almond croissants and truffled pecorino aside for a moment though (the moment will be brief), the real joy of this endearing venue is in its beautiful customer service and commitment to quality.

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