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Ramen Champion

  • Brisbane
  • South
  • Dinner
  • Lunch
Shop 50, 342 McCullough St. Macgregor
(07) 3344 4832

Some people are born to pursue a path of greatness, be it to fly to the moon, reveal the mysteries of time travel, or to conquer the giant ramen at Ramen Champion in Sunnybank. Thankfully one of these can easily be attempted, and if you succeed your face shall grace The Wall of Fame for years to come.

But, if downing a colossal bowl of  ramen (5x the size of a standard bowl) in less than 25 minutes isn’t your cup of broth, don’t worry, Ramen Champion also has a scrumptious menu filled with authentic, delicious bowl of ramen that you design yourself as well as flavour-filled curries and gyoza.

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