Malolo | Gourmand and Gourmet


3/100 Creek Street, Brisbane
0415 228 503

Nestled in the CBD’s Gresham Lane, Malolo Poke is the lunch saviour of your dreams serving refreshing poke bowls and flavoursome burgers. 

With locally sourced produce and line-caught seafood, owner Diego Flaksbard’s focus on clean, healthy, and sustainable eating is apparent in his high-quality ingredients.

In need of breakfast, fast? Mornings are sorted with a classic brekkie menu featuring faves like bircher, BLTs and smashed avo for under $8 a pop. We pity the fool who’s not indulging in mouth-watering bowls like the Mr T with Queensland tiger prawns, beets, and edamame; or the Loco Lomi with salmon sashimi, red onion, carrot, pink radish, and cucumber.

Feeling creative? Take lunch into your own hands with build-your-own bowls, featuring choices like poached chicken, pulled pork, tofu, and a whole lot of veggies and toppings.

Let’s be real; your diet’s not fooling anyone, so take a dive in to Malolo’s burger range with flavours like the wagyu beef, the grilled chicken, and the pulled pork burger for just $8.50.

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