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King Street Bakery

20 King Street, Bowen Hills
(07) 3180 3980

The beloved Montrachet Boulangerie may be gone, but not before it passed the torch to King Street Bakery – our new favourite spot to experience perfectly divine pastries against a backdrop heavily inspired by French baking traditions.

Follow the smell of freshly baked bread to discover the beautiful marble surfaces and expansive windows putting the entire bread-baking process on display.

Stepping inside, you’ll encounter all of your favourite treats including flakey danishes, layered croissants, and eclairs – but remember, this is by the team behind Montrachet, so if you thought you were only in for classic bakery fair then prepare to be surprised.

Come back at lunch for Dutch cream potatoes with cream fraiche, gremolata, salmon roe and chives or seared black Angus onglet with French fries, French salad and sauce béarnaise.

Pair your meal with a coffee, beer, or wine – because King Street Bakery does things the French way.

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