Goodness Gracious Cafe | Gourmand and Gourmet

Goodness Gracious Cafe

250 Oxley Rd Graceville
(07) 3379 2192

Tucked away in the ‘burbs, the bright and cheerful Goodness Gracious Cafe creates all things brunch, from perfect latte-art coffees, seasonal fruits and pancakes, to savouries that will satisfy your innermost desires.

Their creative and one-of-a-kind menu features dishes like savoury oatmeal carbonara and cornmeal waffles, which can be paired with mouth-watering smoothies. On a hot day, don’t go past the Moka, a blend of homemade dairy-free chocolate ice cream, coffee and milk of your choice. Keep the good vibes going all the way into the evening with dinner available on Friday and Saturday nights.

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