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Genkotsu Ramen

  • Brisbane
  • West
51 Sherwood Road, Toowong
(07) 3870 2974

For authentic, simply delicious ramen, udon want to look past this Japanese gem that dishes up the best, brothy ramen you can get your chopsticks on.

Recently opening its doors in the bustling streets of Toowong, owners Yasu Ikeda, Kaoru Hiranuma and Yoshi Nagumo have brought the flavoursome components of Traditional Japan into the western suburbs of Brisbane. With hand painted red brick walls, warm hanging lights and booth seats, the only thing that could match the incredible ambience is the consistently mouthwatering ramen.

Design your bowl from broth to toppings, grab a side of gyoza and you’ll feel as if you’re dining in Tokyo. You can also find Genkotsu Ramen at 25/258 Warrigal Road, Runcorn.

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