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Felons Brewing Co.

5 Boundary Street, Brisbane City

Make the journey below the Story Bridge and along the banks of the river and you’ll be rewarded with the discovery of Howard Smith Wharves and its crown jewel: Felon’s Brewing Co.

Named for the group of escaped convicts that inadvertently became the first European settlers to find the Brisbane River, Felon’s is a welcome sight for anyone who enjoys relaxing by the river with cool peeps and cooler brews (which is everyone, right?) Felon’s full range of famous beers are available on tap, plus a menu that’s deeper than the river on which it sits.

All are welcome at Felon’s, so bring your friends, your partner, your kids and your dog (yes, even dogs are welcome,) roll out a picnic blanket, order some fish and chips and sip on a refreshing Felon’s Aussie Pale Ale. It’s what those nineteenth-century criminals would’ve wanted.

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