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  • Brisbane
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75 Hampden St, Ascot

Rolling in the (cookie) dough at Eagle Farm’s Sunday markets is Doughy, a pop-up stall who boasts the title of Brisbane’s first seller of edible cookie dough (seriously, we can’t thank them enough!) Foodies can now enjoy their cookie dough risk-free, thanks to Doughy’s yummy egg substitute and heat-treated flour recipe. Selling like hotcakes are Doughy’s popular animal-friendly chocolate dough speckled with choc chips whose mere mention is enough to make any vegan salivate. Also on show is Doughy’s scrumdiddlyumptious vanilla cookie dough complete with sprinkles and mini M&M’s, a combination that sounds too good to be true. For spoon-licking deliciousness, and cookies that won’t crumble, be sure to pay Doughy a visit.

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