Brew Café & Wine Bar

Brew Café & Wine Bar

Lower Burnett Lane, Brisbane CBD
(07) 3211 4242

Pull up a milk crate or wander down the back of the café and plop into a lounge chair. Brew is the perfect student hub, a great coffee haunt, and a surprisingly grungy contender in a city strewn with sparkly new cocktail bars. The crowd is a little indie-alternative, which is great for two reasons, 1) food and wine is affordable, 2) you will feel a little bit cooler and more creative for visiting. It’s also not terribly surprising given Brew’s support of local musicians and poets.

Corporates and other city-goers who know about this hidden café are often loitering around the laneway as well, having an early breakfast, or lingering for an after work cocktail.

The food has a distinctly Spanish influence, nothing terribly gastronomically inspiring, but then again, Brew isn’t trying to hit that market. Brew is designed to fill bellies with warm, simple food, and maintain a respectable price point to suit the younger crowd. If you fancy cured meats and cheese, without the charcuterie price tag, Brew if for you.

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