Bavarian Bier Cafe | Gourmand and Gourmet

Bavarian Bier Cafe

1/45 Eagle Street Brisbane CBD
(07) 3877 5900

‘Just give me a BEER!’ we hear you screaming at 5 o’clock. Well get your pint-loving self to the Bavarian Bier Café, and get yourself a stein of their German brews. They’ll even do ales spiked with fruit juice, lemonade or cola, if you want to be one of the bros but you’re tastebuds shriek ‘hell no!’ to a pale ale.

If it’s more a 5pm hanger cure you’re after make sure you try the pork knuckle, the German venues delicious specialty. Or you could go for the most Bavarian schnitzel you’ve ever had in your life, with a freshly baked pretzel of course! Top things off with schnapps and a spectacular view of the river and you’ll be cheerful again in no time.

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