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Locals do it better: West End Matcha

Green is the new black! No really – matcha green tea is the new coffee for some health seekers, adored for it’s super powers of boosting metabolism, increasing concentration, immunity and energy levels and even fighting cancer. But before you go searching for it in exotic locations or getting it off Ebay, let us tell you about a local business sourcing all the matcha powder you’ll ever need. Bek and Adam Kiyuna of West End Matcha found themselves addicted to the superfood powder after living in Japan for two years, swapping their morning cup of coffee for a sip a little more green. When they moved back home to Brisbane, they decided they couldn’t leave their favourite Japanese flavour behind, and West End Matcha was born (because West End and green tea are a matcha made in heaven, geddit?). It wasn’t just a matter of ordering some green tea online to grind up and pop into bags, however. True matcha is only grown only in specific areas of Japan, carefully harvested and handpicked, steamed and airdried before being ground by stone. Bek and Adam wanted an organic powder that could be used for both cooking and drinking without costing a fortune – and many a cup of matcha tea was drunk before they found the perfect supplier! Now, you can order their perfect matcha powder for yourself, and the duo even have some handy hints on how to use it if you’re not ready to give up your morning cuppa yet. Matcha pancakes, perhaps? But really, you can use this superfood powder in everything from ice cream to doughnuts – though the health benefits might be little less if you use them in doughnuts. Want to get your hands on some for yourself? Check out West End Matcha’s website and get clicking! Words by Caroline Tully