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Living the Dream - So you want to be a brewer?

Fancy yourself a scientist? Thinking you’ve got what it takes to rub shoulders with the big boys and gals? Consider yourself the inventive type?

Now’s the chance to put your money where your mouth is and step into the shoes of a brewer for the day. Step behind the velvet ropes (in our minds, but let’s play pretends) and prepare to live out your wildest beer dreams with a behind the scenes brew day at Catchment Brewery Co. Do you have the hops to become the best? Only time will tell…

Brewing is hungry work, and your day wouldn’t be complete without a traditional brewers lunch (pizza, hnng) and plenty of ‘quality control’ (lots of beer drinking). Whether you’re an aspiring pro-brewer or just a beer geek – you’ll be hopping mad if you miss out. 10th March 10am-2pm. Buy tickets here!  

Words by Words by Emma Callaghan
- the gourmand who has been in training for this her whole life.