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Liquid Spring Flings

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The season of renewed gym memberships and the kicking of bad wintery habits is upon us - and we’re not sure if there’s a better way to celebrate the end of another Brisbane faux winter than by sipping on all things spring.

If you dig feeling refreshed, we’ve got ya covered. And in the interest of maximising your sipping time we’ve collated a list of spring cocktails that are so fresh and fruit laced you can skip that gym membership altogether.

Seymour’s Cocktails and Oysters | Paddington

These Caxton Street artisans are at it again with a killer new spring menu to melt your winter woes. While you gorge on tasty crustaceans order yourself a Chamomile and Blood Orange Spritz from one of the sassy tenders.  The house infused chamomile Aperol is literally spring in a cup – and an epic hangover kicker too! For nostalgic sticky-spring-mandarin-finger vibes, head straight for the Mandarin Fino and Tonic, a heady concoction of peel infused juice of mandarin, mixed with Fino sherry, tonic and a dash of lemon. Still thirsty? The London Calling promises watermelon infused gin, shaken with dry sherry, lemon and orange bitters. This spring menu is basically the booze equivalent of taking a shower, you’re welcome.

Cobbler | West End

An undisputed hero of Brisbane’s cocktail scene, Cobbler is still challenging our booze preferences and delighting our senses with the unexpected. In keeping with tradition, their new spring list is themed; enter ‘The Blue Collar Workforce and Trades’. This sultry menu is split across five sections named after trades, with each drink named after a tool of that trade. Neat, huh? The Rolling Pin offers tiki inspired epicness in marzipan washed Pampero White Rum with ginger wine, Muscat grape, orange, lemon and passionfruit. Made for hot days, Harrow is spritz-meets-spice, a collision of Mexican and Czech drink culture that delivers a rich cinnamon flavour, based on Pampero Blanco Rum with Becherovka, Dolin Rouge Vermouth, fresh raspberry juice prosecco and house made beetroot Tepache. Can’t pronounce half of the ingredients? Fear not, these guys are some of the best in the biz, just plonk yourself on a bar stool, start at the top and work your way down.

Sazerac Bar | CBD

Located high amongst the clouds, Sazerac (winner of Best Boutique Bar 2017) not only has some of the most stunning views in Brisbane, it also has one of our sleepy little city’s best cocktail lists. The menu has been expertly tailored to be enjoyed as a cocktail degustation – you might want to uber to this one! Start off light and fresh with the Barbara Spritz –  a refreshing aperitif with gin, rhubarb and strawberry vermouth and sparkling wine. Then get stuck into fresh, fruity tiki cocktails like ‘Havana Good Time’ and ‘Tutti Fruity.’ By this point, that uber is going to be coming in handy – but it would be bad taste not to sample their namesake, the New Orleans Sazerac.

Maker | South Brisbane

If intimate, bartender-banter-laced, industry-leading cocktails are your thing, get you liquid dinner seeking self in here! This sweet little space promises you a seat at the bar where you can watch their tenders constantly pushing against the boundaries of mixology and delivering delicious, curious booze combinations. Maker’s new spring menu is a collation of the usual flavour suspects like prosecco and orange while casually sneaking fresh bourbon and whisky based drinks into the mix.  We’re talking Bundy small batch with wattle, mango puree and fresh lime, or Okar (think Aussie Aperol) with fresh blood orange, rosemary and prosecco. Whisky fiend? Get in on the whisky, white cacao and lemon delight.

Savile Row | Fortitude Valley

Obscured behind an electric orange door emblazoned only with the numbers 667, you’ll find Savile Row – a delicious slice of booze soaked refinement that defies the hedonism of Ann Street. Cobbler’s slick young sibling is kicking some serious whisky goals (boasting a 600+ selection on the back bar) they’ve also got spring totally covered with some crisp new seasonal cocktails. Wagon Queen Family Truckster delights with grilled plum and pomegranate, fresh watermelon and yellow Chartreuse on Hendricks gin and prosecco. Turner & Hooch is the ultimate marriage of spring meets booze. Ketel One Vodka carries fresh passionfruit, Crème de Violettes, house made lemon myrtle, thyme syrup and green apple. Trust us, braving the chaos of the Valley for this little guy is totally worth it.

Cribb Street Social | Milton

Newcomers Cribb Street Social are bringing trendy, laidback vibes to the Milton bar scene (hooray!) in the form of shared everything! Charcuterie is their thing, and the build-your-board design means you can afford to be fancy and fussy. When it comes to drinks these guys pack a punch in the form of shared cocktails. The Cribb Street Punch is all spiced rum and pineapple with honey and burnt vanilla notes, while the Rose Sangria blends our beloved rose with herbal liqueurs, vodka and lime. And what punch menu would be complete without a nod to the Captain of Spring – Pimms? If you ask super nicely, the team here will even sort you a rug on the grass under a leafy tree! It doesn’t get much more spring than that.

Stay hydrated – drink cocktails!  

Words by Ashley Beith