Little Big House’s First Birthday

Let loose at Little Big House’s first birthday

Little Big House’s first birthday

I remember you when you were this little!

How much better would all first birthdays be if there was booze?


That’s right, Little Big House has been around for one whole year (time flies when you’re demolishing parmy spring rolls), and you better believe they’re celebrating with one hell of a weekend sesh.

From 11am til late on February 23-25, big things will be rolling through the iconic Queenslander’s doors.

Saturday will see Balter Brewing Company lend a helping hand with their Smiles All Round tour, entailing a pop-up tinny bar with plenty of prizes and tuna casseroles to go round, courtesy of Rhythm and Cutloose.

After a proper time of Balter and plenty of banter, fuel up with some Berocca and bounce back for round two on Sunday.

Little Big House’s birthday Sunday sesh will go off with The Jungle Giants (DJ set) loud and proud in-venue, and rest assured you’ll be making beautiful music of your own thanks to free karaoke (do you know Wonderwall?)!

All weekend long, you can grab eats and sips from the now iconic menu to top off your stellar time. You’re darn right you’ll be living large with cider battered fish ’n’ chips, vegan cheeseburgers, piña colada slushies, seasonal frosé and once again for our people in the back, PARMY SPRING ROLLS!

Ah, they grow up so fast.


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Words by Nicole Portacha
- the gourmand who loves piña colada slushies and getting caught in a sesh