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Learn to make the perfect sangria

Have you ever bought a jug of sangria and thought, ‘yeah, I could make this at home’? Well, you can, but only after studying hard (and drinking harder) at a Sangria Masterclass at The Sangria Bar! Despite what your two-jugs-down self think might think, sangria is more than cheap wine, soft drink and a couple of spoonfuls of canned fruit salad. The recipe and method of Sangria making is a complex art that has been refined over hundreds of years. Luckily for your uneducated and probably somewhat intoxicated self, The Sangria Bar at Olé in South Bank holds their Sangria Masterclasses every Tuesday. For only $69, you can take bae along to the best Tuesday date night you’ve ever had. This one includes a gift that keeps on giving: the ancient knowledge of the perfect sangria method. So they can give you a perfectly prepared jug of sangria every Sunday afternoon, of course. If that and the prospect of enjoying plenty of sangria on the night isn’t enough to tempt you, you’ll also get to sample a few of the bar’s tempting tapas. Reward all that learning with bites like jamon serrano, cheesy manchego, sobrasada, marinated olives, guindillas and fresh crusty bread. So call an Uber, or conveniently forget to warn bae that they’re driving (more sangria for you!) and get ready to say olé! Contact Olé to book. Words by Rebecca Grady