La Macelleria lands on King Street | Gourmand & Gourmet

La Macelleria has landed on King Street!

Make way (and room) for gelato royalty.

Ice cream’s smoother, fresher, and frankly better alternative has been mastered by the crafty La Macelleria Gelateria team, with their fantastic fourth store opening its doors on Bowen Hills foodie hub, King Street.

With a new lick on life, La Macelleria is turning their King Street store’s grand opening weekend into a celebration of bold and beautiful flavours, never-before-seen by mere mortals.

Kicking things off on March 16, a day of drool-worthy deals are lined up to have you screaming all the way through the store (they’ll love that… but it’s their own fault).

Sleep in and start your day right from 12pm-2pm, where $2 coffees not slapped together by a servo machine will give you all the energy needed for what’s coming…

*ballistic drumroll* $1 SCOOPS OF GELATO will be up and churning from 4pm-6pm, and $3 gelato shakes from 6pm-8pm. Is asking them to fill up our Tupperware containers and keep cups unorthodox orrrr?

If you’re down for round two on March 17 (you’re straight up lying if you say you’re not), make your way back for St Patrick’s Day special – beermisu. This Green Beacon beer-meets-gelato take on a classic tiramisu dessert will be the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow-esque weekend.

Other new flavours available all weekend and until further notice include ruby chocolate (a collaboration with New Farm Confectionary), and two sweet vegan creations – earl grey and yuzu sorbet and oat milk and chai gelato. Stick a scoop in us, we’re done.

Wake me up before you gelato.

Words by Nicole Portacha
- the gourmand who needs an oat milk chai boi in her life