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Treat yourself to adorable Italian gelato creations this Easter

We're mad gelato fans at all times, but add in the excuse for non-stop treats that Easter provides and we enter full-on feast mode!

Luckily, Italian gelato masters La Macelleria are offering a range of Easter specials that manage to be both adorably festive and insanely delicious. All of the Easter creations centre around their popular crema Bologna flavour: a rich egg custard with flecks of lemon zest and vanilla bean that will have you saying, “Cadbury egg who?”

The creations include the Naughty Bunny gelato cake, featuring the aforementioned gelato covered in fudgy chocolate mudcake in a cute-as-heck edible flower pot arrangement! The gelato cakes are available in a small size (which suit up to eight – $60) and large (for up to 14 – $80), as well as a mini size for $15—La Macelleria says they’re made for two, but I guess they haven’t seen us on a Friday night… 

As well as the Naughty Bunny cakes, six-packs of single-serve stacks of crema Bologna gelato layered with house-made carrot cake and mango sauce are sure to hit the spot, and come in at $40.

You can place your orders for La Macelleria’s Easter treats online here (just enter what you’re after in the comments) or in any store for pick-up from Teneriffe—just make sure your order’s in by Tuesday, March 30!


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