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La Lune Wine Co | It’s wine time in South Brisbane!

If you’re a wine and cheese lover (let’s face it, who isn’t?), we’ve got some exciting news for you! La Lune Wine Co has just opened its doors to the salivating Brisbane public, creating a little slice of Paris in South Brisbane’s bustling Fish Lane dining precinct. Tucked away in the laneway that’s recently given us some seriously drool-worthy new foodie spots, La Lune Wine Co is the ultimate escape from the corporate workday, with coffee and lunch being served as a prelude to that after work glass of wine (or bottle). Boasting an impressive selection of cheese and charcuterie to go with an even more impressive selection of wine, the menu features an array of experiential, handpicked dishes designed to act as a perfect partner to your vino. Not to mention a selection of oysters, carpaccio, house made salamis AND baguettes with Serrano and cheese at lunchtime. If you find yourself going in for one glass at lunchtime and somehow end up staying until midnight, we totally understand (it’s already happened to us twice – so no judgment here). Open from midday to midnight, La Lune Wine Co offers a truly unique dining experience, encouraging you to engage with waiters to figure out which tipple will best tickle your fancy. Even those who don’t consider themselves a connoisseur will leave La Lune with enough wine wisdom (or at least some handy lingo) to impress friends at dinner parties ( yep – prep your pronunciation of tannins and get ready to talk about ‘mouth feel’ a whole bunch). So get sipping Brisbane, embrace your inner Frenchman and adopt the adage that a meal without wine is not a meal – we know we have! Words by Georgia Casey