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La Lune sheds light on the perfect aperitivo

The Italian art of a pre-meal drink and snack certainly isn’t lost on us (especially while working from home…).

We asked La Lune Wine Co’s Bailee Dewes for her tips on curating the perfect arvo aperitivo, whether just for you, or for hosting a post-lockdown soiree!

Bailee’s tips

We obviously love wine, but there are plenty of classic options when it comes to aperitivo!  Try a simple spritz, and mix up the usual Aperol for another aperitif like Cynar, Australia’s own Okar, or even just Campari for something a bit different. These aperitifs have a degree of bitterness that primes your palate (and your body) for what’s to come!

If you’re partial to a Negroni, make a big batched Negroni in a nice carafe or serving vessel and let guests (or, um, yourself) help themselves to however many cubes of ice or garnishes they like.

When it comes to the snacks, aperitivo is all about being easy! Using whatever you have (or feel like picking up) try and pull together a balance of salty and sweet, zesty and rich bites. Snacks like cured meats, olives, salty potato chips, pickled onions, and fresh fruit are perfect on any aperitivo plate.

If you’re going all-out, oysters (we like Sydney rocks at La Lune) either fresh or with a classic mignonette always make an occasion (even mid-week knockoffs) feel special!


Rather leave the aperitivo-making to the experts? La Lune is back open for dine-in, serving up drinks and food from 4 pm Wednesday-Saturday, and from midday on Sundays. Even better? You could win a $50 voucher to spend at La Lune Wine Co as part of the Fish Lane Feast—head here for more info!