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Keep in the Family: Winter Recipes from Australia's Wine Experts

The impending cold weather has us pulling out doonas, piling on blankets and forgoing restaurants to entertain family and friends at home, where slippers are acceptable and bed is stumbling distance rather than a freezing uber or train trip.

But cooking at home adds a whole other challenge, having to Impress the rellos, friends and maybe the new squeeze with your cooking skills. Now is not the time to attempt a croquembouche or go full Masterchef with a Herston Blumenthal creation – it’s time for simple, family recipes – and BUCKETS OF WINE.

Our friends at Wine Selectors agree, and have hooked us up with home cooking advice from some of Australia’s best-known wine families. From pork to chicken and everything in between, (check out the secrets of the first wine families), they’re more than happy to spill the beans.

We’ve been sipping Taylors wines for years, and the family stands by keeping it classy with Cabernet Sauvignon, paired with rich, flavoursome lamb. Check out our recipe for slow braised lamb shoulder to see how good it can get!

Looking to get some pork on your fork? Rich, succulent pork belly matches perfectly with a cheeky Grenache from the Barossa. The Hill-Smith Family from Yalumba, the Barossa’s oldest vineyard, love the freshness and spice of Asian flavours balanced against the gentle acidity of Grenache.

Seafood should never be neglected, and a prawn and asparagus risotto is a favourite of the Purbrick family from Tahbilk’s. The wine for the occasion? The RhÔne varietal Marsanne. Want to take things to the next level? Try our King Prawn Ravioli recipe to really impress your guests.

On a roll? Forgo the usual Sunday roast and whip up a Porchetta! The Tyrell household match their rolled roast pork with a Shiraz – the medium body and lack of oak make it perfect for a family meal.

No matter who you’re trying to impress, cook it with love and serve lots of good Aussie wine. Go full Bridget Jones? Forget the blue soup, there’s always UberEats to fall back on, they’ll never know.

Words by Emma Callaghan
- who has almost burnt down her kitchen trying to impress her main squeeze.