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The Woolloongabba favourite dishing up Korean fried chicken

Sure, kimchi’s great, but we’re believers in fried chicken being Korea’s greatest culinary contribution!

In response to the need to focus on their takeaway offering, Woolloongabba’s modern Korean restaurant Kimchi Cheese Smile has launched KCS Chicken—a pop-up menu dedicated to the mystical, magical Korean-style fried chicken that manages to stay crispy while being drenched in flavoursome sauce.

While you can get your golden morsels plain, you’d be crazy to skip out on the sauce options that make Korean fried chicken so mouthwatering; KCS’ options include secret soy or Korean sweet chilli *drools a little*. 

If you’re making a meal of it, a fried chicken sandwich on a brioche bun with chilli mayo and pickles is sure to hit the spot, as well as beer-battered chips, creamy mashed potato, and (of course) some house-made kimchi! 

Known and loved for their mod take on Korean flavours, Jamie and Sara’s new milkshake menu for KCS Chicken includes a misugaru flavour, using the traditional Korean ingredient that incorporates grains like rice, barley, soy, corn and buckwheat for a savoury-sweet result that hits kinda like peanut butter, kinda like malt powder, and 100% tasty AF.

Check out the full menu on KCS Chicken Instagram, and order your glorious fried chicken by calling 0422 401 170, Wednesday-Sunday.