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Just a spoonful of gluten free at Two Teaspoons

Attention all Brisbane gluten-free and dairy-free peeps! Lemon curd, Italian meringue, gluten-free brownies and cream cheese frosting – have we got your attention yet? If we don’t, Two Teaspoons definitely will, with their incredible array of baked treats that can only be described as scrump-didilly-umptious. Our once favourite market stall has opened its own store in Jindalee, becoming a new dairy-free and gluten-free treats machine, pumping out carrot cakes and tarts galore. Their new, more permanent abode has delights to please the masses, with a generously large menu and a spacious dwelling with plenty of spots to park yourselves while you eat tart, after slice all while attempting to keep the cream in your mouth instead of around it (lick your lips and get on with it, there’s more gluten free goodness to enjoy). All of Two Teaspoons goodies’ are made from produce they’ve sourced at farmers markets and small businesses, so they’re all for one local hand helping another, making their menu both totally drool worthy and good for you and the community. Could this place get any better? Yes. It could. With a combination of Two Seasons coffee and cold pressed juices from Elemental Juice Co, you’ll feel your insides singing with happiness in no time. twoteaspoonsbaking They’re open from Monday to Saturday, so take some time to drop in and keep the homegrown spirit flourishing. Salivate over indulgences like gluten-free carrot cake, gluten-free raspberry swirl cheesecakes or luck in and visit when they’ve got a delicious gluten-free lemon and coconut cake on offer. You’ll be screaming ‘I can’t believe it’s not butter’ before you know it. If you’re still not convinced (and you’d be crazy if you weren’t), hop over to their Facebook and get your tongue wagging over their delicious photos. (Warning: licking the computer screen is no substitute for real Two Teaspoon goodness.) Words by Lucille Burkitt