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Jetset to Japan on Fridays at Blackbird

Brisbane heat got you scrolling furiously through Instagram, staring at your mate’s images of snow in Hokkaido, evoking jealousy and rage within you?

Dreaming of a northern hemisphere getaway but your bank accounts suggests a trip to the Sunshine Coast is as far as you can get?

Been gorging on gyoza every day to try and fill the void? Dry those tears and slip on your best yukata because Blackbird Bar & Grill is bringing the world to you with Jetset Fridays.

Celebrate all things kawaii this March as you travel to Japan, no passport required! Taking inspiration from the blooming cherry blossoms enjoy an exclusive cocktail list, including Chita Suntory Highballs, Masataka’s Boilermaker (Asahi & Nikka taket suru pure malt) and performances from Japanese drummers.

Snack on Japanese oyster shooters and prawn and scallop dumplings whilst taking in spectacular views.

Ready your chopsticks and stock up on sake, we’re going to Japan, baby! 

Words by Emma Callaghan
- the gourmand who literally dreams of frostbite.