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January detoxing in Brisbane

Every year we get a little too silly during the silly season and our bodies remind us we’re another year older and can’t recover like we used to. This inevitably leads to the same ol’ health inspired new years resolution. We vow and declare to detox away the ‘festivities,’ but despite our best intentions, the inconvenience of diet restrictions usually has us falling (or jumping) off the wagon. To give your health kick a fighting chance we’ve rounded up the best places for you to get your detox on easily without hours of food prepping or living on water, lemon and cayenne pepper. Press’d | Newstead Not only has Press’d got a brand new store (don’t worry, it’s just down the road from their old one) to get you motivated for clean eating in the New Year, they’ve also got juice and raw food cleanses. Get a healthy glow with a three day juice cleanse of freshly cold pressed juices and nut milks or, if living on juice for three days sounds far too hard, a four or six day raw food cleanse packed with meals like raw caramel slice, nachos and zucchini and nut based spaghetti marinara. Yummbox | Delivery to CBD and surrounds Move over tinned tuna and soggy sambos, Yummbox are filling the lunch (hunger) gap by the organic truckload. Yummbox deliver vegetarian, gluten free, organic lunches to the CBD and surrounding areas from Monday to Friday. You can even order a whole weeks worth of lunch meals to avoid mid-week caving to the temptation of hot chips and have tummy loving falafel with creamy coconut sauce, zesty carrot and coconut fry instead. Pressed Juices | CBD With juicing sweeping the (health) world, Pressed Juices have jumped on board and created 3 different juice cleanses, depending on your desired intensity. Created by nutritionists to purify and energise, these cold-pressed juices, smoothies and nut milks are 100% natural and able to be taken home so you have incentive to stay away from the chocolate filled pantry. fooddeliverybrisbane Wholesomeness | The Grange For those that don’t want to leave any meals to chance (of bingeing), Wholesomeness are serving up a full day’s worth of perfectly portioned and nutritionally balanced meals like Thai pork meatball curry and paleo pad Thai. Without the sodium or unreadable ingredients, these meals are completely organic and you can order a whole weeks worth of food for delivery in Brisbane or just pick them up from their new store. We were sold at no cooking. Perfectly Yum | Delivery to various Brisbane areas Perfectly Yum have created individual and family size meal pack options for a range of dietary requirements. These gluten, dairy and refined sugar free meals come in individual serves or packs of 5 or 10 with paleo, alkaline and vegan friendly options. They even have desserts, so you can have your ‘clean’ peanut butter cream pie and eat it too! Primal Pantry | New Farm & Nundah Paleo, primal, caveman cuisine has got us running to catch our next bite and Primal Pantry is serving up some of the best. With no dairy, grains or refined sugars, this ‘lifestyle’ diet promises more energy, a functioning system and zero starvation. Make your weekend cheat meal a paleo brunch of pan-fried choc chip bread at one of their Brisbane cafés and pick up some goodies to take home with you. And when you’re ready to head back to the kitchen, they also do cooking workshops! So, does this mean we have no excuses now? Words by Tayla Trask