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It's the Ameri-can, not the Ameri-can't

Forget about the big smoke, it’s Springwood where you’ll find some of the best goddang American eats outside of Texas.

The neighbourhood gem is blowing up in a big way, and we’re #sorrynotsorry to the people of Logan if we’ve uncovered your secret, but it’s our job to tell the people – you have to try out The American Bourbon Bar & Grill.

Forget chain American eats popping up on every corner, this place is the real deal with award-winning Head Chef and owner Steven Holbert born and raised in the great USA. Not only has he travelled the land of the brave and the free, he’s also cooked in a 4 Michelin star hotel in Hawaii – we’re impressed! This experience through New York, California, New Orleans and abroad helped to cement the restaurant’s many influences, which you’ll find has a unique contemporary menu of Cajun, Creole and Hawaiian flavours.

It’s easy to be confronted by the sheer variety of food available on the menu, and we’ve got the meat sweats just thinking about trying to consume this solo, so we strongly recommend a buddy system for tackling this glorious food mountain. So grab a friend, a bib, and your stretchiest pants – it’s eatin’ time.

The menu is nearly as big as our food-baby, with everything from homemade duck spring rolls and creole dusted calamari to juicy, stick to your ribs double beef burgers – but let’s make it clear, the real star is the ol’ fashioned, low n’ slow meats. 18-hour slow cooked brisket with creamy mash potato, buttered corn and Kentucky sweet gravy could actually be a thing of our wildest dreams, whilst a full rack of slow cooked Baby Back Pork Ribs with Jack Daniels sticky maple BBQ sauce is upping our heart rate.

If you’re looking for something a little lighter, the Woodford Reserve Bourbon and orange glazed chicken with sweet potato mash and beetroot oil is as pretty as it is damn good eatin’, and you’ll still have room to steal a bite of your friends Kona Longboarder Hawaiian burger.

It’s not barbecue without sides, and between the deep fried pickles and onion rings we’re having trouble breathing, but it’s only because we’re drowning in pure, bourbon soaked heaven – seriously, they have 32 types of Jack Daniels.

Your stomach might be telling you to quit by now, but it would be inhospitable not to at least attempt the Fireball Strawberry Waffles with strawberries simmered in Fireball cinnamon whisky, topped with creamy vanilla ice cream. Yeeha!

If that isn’t enough to see you galloping out the door and into The American, they have ever-changing specials and tasting dinners (our personal fave was Tuesday Chilli Night!) – keep an eye on the Facebook page for details!

Giddy up, you’re going to have to hold onto your hat (and your pants) after this one!

Photography: AJ Moller Photography

Words by Emma Callaghan
- the gourmand hitchin’ her wagon south.