It’s official: Heston Blumenthal’s ‘Fat Duck’ is migrating to Melbourne | Gourmand and Gourmet

It’s official: Heston Blumenthal’s ‘Fat Duck’ is migrating to Melbourne

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After months of speculation, rumours that Heston Blumenthal will be opening a restaurant in Australia have finally come to fruition, and the reality is more than we could have wished for in our wildest dreams. Just like the pigeons that emerged from his grotesquely oversized Four and Twenty blackbird pie, Heston’s world renowned UK restaurant The Fat Duck will soon take flight, migrate south across the Pacific Ocean, and nest Down Under for the warmer months. Come February 2015, the man most likely to serve up an entirely delicious coral reef will temporarily relocate the entire team of his world renowned, three Michelin star restaurant to Melbourne’s Crown Casino for six months, before returning home to the UK. Along with his team of whisk waving magical elves, the Melbourne restaurant will also bring The Fat Duck’s degustation to end all degustations: a casual 14-course menu of logic-defying dishes with equally mystifying titles such as Snail Porridge, Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and ‘Sounds of the Sea’; which incorporates shellfish foam, edible sand and audible ocean noises. That description once more: shellfish foam, edible sand and Audible Ocean Noises. Can’t even deal. The Fat Duck southern migration comes as Heston announces the temporary closure of the original British location, which will undergo significant renovations throughout the restaurant’s time in Australia, resuming UK trade as normal in August. Following the Fat Duck’s six-month stint in Oz, the Melbourne outfit will re-open once more as Australia’s version of Heston’s London venture, Dinner by Heston. Prices are expected to be in line with London, where diners fork out £195 ($350) for the awe-inspiring four-hour tasting menu, sans the $2,000 airfare and with the added bonus of gorgeous river views. Sign me up. Words by Sam Geldard