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Italy on a plate: Benfatti Fine Italian Foods

Just imagine, you’re sitting outside on perfectly uneven cobblestones, glass of wine in hand and devouring probably the best antipasti you’ve ever tried while watching gondolas glide down the Venice River. Where are you? Italy. As much as I would love to jump up on a plane right now and eat my way through Italy (so worth the food baby!), for most of us, this isn’t a reality. That’s why, Ben Clearly-Corradini from Benfatti Fine Italian Foods is your new best friend. Ben and his traditionally oversized family are making your life easier, by helping you purchase genuine artisan foods from the countrysides of Italy. Think Sicilian cherry tomato sauce, Italian white truffle oil and Fregola pasta. Proud sponsors of the Bocuse d’Or, Benfatti foods aim to encourage people to live ‘la bella vita’ by enjoying authentic, Italian cuisine. Keeping family central to the business, the Benfatti family (both here and in Italy) are continually on the look for new products for Australians to love. It’s like the modern day food version of the Von Trapp family, minus Julie Andrews. Benfatti also understands that some people are more of the ‘hunter and gatherer’ types. By hosting food and wine appreciation tours to the lesser-known regions of Italy, food lovers can personally visit and stock up on their favourite Italian delicacies. With the Benfatti family as your personal tour guides, the only Italian you’ll need to know is, ‘delizioso’ (translation: delicious!) So, next time you’re thinking of going all Gennaro Contaldo and cooking up an Italian storm, put down that can of cherry tomatoes and packet pasta and instead, stock up on the Benfatti range. One taste, and you’ll be transported to the Italian countryside faster than you can say, ‘bellissimo’. Words by Selena Colavitti